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Photo through a code
- now in over 80 photo booths in Sweden!

Are you missing a photo to an ID06 card?

This can easily be remedied with the service Photo code. You log in as usual and register the requested personal data. The prospective cardholder can later complete the information with a photo.

It works like this; when you have entered the personal data you click on the button “Buy Photo Code” beneath the headline “Photo”. Give the code to the prospective cardholder, who should use it in one of the connected photo booths. On the screen in the photo booths there is a button with “PAS Card” on it. After you´ve clicked on the button you can enter your photo code. The code serves as both payment for the photo and as an identification code for the production of the ID06 card.

The photo is automatically sent from the photo booth and merged with previously registered personal data. The personal information and photo is printed on the card and then sent to the client.

Note that the card will not go into production before both personal data and photos has been registered.

See the map below with locations for Nexus connected photo booths.